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Maximize Returnable Dunnage Solutions with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

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The shipping industry has undergone significant ebbs and flows since the start of 2020 and many companies have had to adjust under the changes in supply and demand. The cost of shipping materials has increased 23% since 2020. This means companies either need to pass these costs on to their customers or find new materials and processes. Returnable shipping materials can help keep costs down over time and reduce scrap. Here is how VELCRO® Brand fasteners can help logistics companies maximize the benefits of returnable dunnage.

Returnable Dunnage Reduces Impact on the Bottom Line & the Environment

Shipping Dunnage Solutions

On average, companies in the ecommerce, retail, food and beverage and automotive industries start seeing a return on their investment in returnable shipping dunnage after the second-round trip of goods. Considering all of the shipments that need to be made over the course of a container’s life, a logistics company can see returns on hundreds of shipments. With fewer discarded, single use materials, this reduces costs and saves scrap from landfills. Companies can feel good about minimizing the impact on their bottom line and the environment.

How VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Enable Reusability in Shipping Dunnage

Closures for Dunnage Inserts

VELCRO® Brand textile fasteners enable the design of returnable dunnage. These closures can be adhered to secure lids on rigid cases and boxes or sewn into fabric inserts and dividers to secure fragile goods within containers. The flexible fasteners reduce overall weight and bulk and maximize reusability with components that can be opened and sealed thousands of times. Traditional fasteners include mechanical parts that are more difficult to adjust and can wear out and break after repetitive use, but VELCRO® Brand hook and loop prevents corrosion and is easy to replace and remove.

For lids and flaps that be tightly mated to each other, VELCRO® Brand HTH fasteners are low profile and add superior performance while shipments are in transit.

VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP® Fastener for Securing Pallets

The VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP® Fastener is a re-adjustable solution to secure goods to pallets, even if the load has uneven dimensions. Compared to other fastening methods, it is easy to adjust and will save large volumes on discarded single use plastic wrap and metal straps.

Alleviate Supply Chain and Labor Constraints with Velcro Companies

Shipping Dunnage Solutions to Improve Supply Chains

Shipping and logistics companies are facing enough challenges due to labor shortages, long lead times and supply chain constraints. By working with Velcro Companies, you can create customized solutions that save money, time and scrap. Our global manufacturing locations ensure that our products will travel shorter distances to your facility, and we have a network of distributors to deliver a range of custom printing, cutting and inventory services. Contact us to learn how you can capitalize on the benefits of returnable dunnage solutions with VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

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