Velcro® Brand Textile Hook and Loop

Velcro Companies offers wide arrays of proven textile hook and loop technology for products manufactured around the world. Our products include woven hook, loop and mushroom; knitted and non-woven loops; and materials that are fire-retardant and RF weldable. From raw materials to finished goods, VELCRO® brand is the name that manufacturers and customers trust for reliability and innovation.

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Knit Loops

VELCRO® Brand knits have been designed for use in a wide range of
applications from disposable products to high strength fabricated
straps. Our entire line of knit loops can be slit to nearly any width,
die-cut into shapes, and is available in custom colors to perfectly
match your product. Our knits are compatible with many VELCRO® Brand
woven and plastic hooks.

Knit Loop Options:

  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3001
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3003
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3610
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3368
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3905
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3707
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3200

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Nonwoven Loops

VELCRO® Brand FNL nonwoven loops maximise peel and shear performance and
new levels of softness, convenience, and comfort. VELCRO® Brand
nonwoven technology is ideal for medical/surgical applications; environmental clothing; and privacy curtains/bedding—just about anywhere you need a soft, skin-friendly fastening system.

Nonwoven Loop Options:

  • VELCRO® Brand FNL 264 Nonwoven Loop
  • VELCRO® Brand FNL 403 Nonwoven Loop

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Woven Hook and Loop

The family of VELCRO® Brand woven hook and loop products includes the Hook 088 and Loop 001 combination that is used around the world.
In addition to our traditional nylon hook and loop, we offer polyester, mushroom hook, aramid, and stainless steel fasteners—each with its own
unique set of performance and aesthetic characteristics.

Woven Hook and Loop Options:

  • Nylon Fasteners
  • Polyester Fasteners
  • VELCRO® Brand HI-AIR® Woven Hook and Loop
  • VELCRO® Brand HI-GARDE® Woven Hook and Loop
  • Mushroom Hook Fasteners
  • Fire Retardant Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • RF Weldable Hook and Loop Fasteners