Personal Care

VELCRO® brand technology continues to drive innovation,
differentiation, and market share in the competitive personal care
industry. Integrated solutions like VELCRO® brand Flex-Zone™ technology
provide the ideal combination of performance, softness, and
manufacturing efficiency for nappies and feminine hygiene products. Our
engineers have years of experience with high-volume manufacturing
processes and can provide customised solutions and expert technical
support from product development to launch—backed by a global
organisation that focuses on quality and reliability. The VELCRO® brand
itself is synonymous with ease of use and security for consumers around
the world.

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Adult Care

Adult incontinence products with VELCRO® brand fasteners are proven
solutions that are secure and dependable. These solutions provide
adjustability to incontinence products that are easy to use.  The
products tie in easily to manufacturing current processes.


  • Consumer adult incontinence products
  • Institutional adult incontinence products

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Feminine Care

VELCRO® Brand solutions for feminine care improve product comfort and functionality, integrate into the pad's design, and differentiate from traditional adhesive solutions.


  • Feminine hygiene products

VELCRO® Brand Technology

  • Flex-Zone™ products (701, 789)
  • High Technology Hooks (847, 819, 788)
  • Nonwoven loops (FNL 264 and 403)

Infant Care

Infant nappies with VELCRO® brand fasteners are proven solutions that
provide softness, flexibility, and skin friendly systems. These
solutions are secure and dependable, easy for consumers and help to
reduce complexity in nappy manufacturing processes.


  • Infant nappies
  • Training pants

VELCRO® Brand Nappies