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Velcro Companies’ Global Network of Fastener Distributors Helps Customers Thrive

Approaching a vendor for products and services is much like going to the doctor. You need to speak with someone you can trust to listen to your problem, recommend a solution and deliver that solution exactly when you need it. That is why Velcro Companies has an approved network of global fastener distributors and converters that are prepared to provide products that are tailored to meet your challenges.

Knowledgeable Sales & Customer Service Teams for Local Support

When you call a company to get a product or service, you need prompt, knowledgeable customer service. When calling one of our trusted fastener distributors, you can expect to speak with someone who has a deep understanding of VELCRO® Brand product capabilities and market expertise. Many specialize in specific industries to address your exact needs, whether you’re designing apparel, building point of sale displays or require a fully customized solution.

With multiple locations across the Americas, EMEA and Asia, our distributors can help to reduce lead times and costs, visit your site and get to know your needs better. Having a supportive and local source is particularly helpful when overseas shipments are seeing significant delays in their ports. Business operations can meet timelines easier when products have shorter distances to travel.

Fastener Distributors Include Inventory Management for Products

When a customer needs a specific order quantity to produce a limited number of products, they can work with a distributor to obtain their desired quantities. Our distributors place large bulk orders to enable customers to order only the number of products they need.

Our fastener distributors are also your source for holding and managing inventory of VELCRO® Brand products. With thousands of products in stock and ready to ship, this can fill gaps in your company’s supply chains at a time when global shipping delays continue to cause issues for companies, worldwide.

If you need to place a bulk order, but don’t have the warehouse space for it, our distributors can hold it for you. For instance, if you’re manufacturing a product on a one-year design lifecycle, you can place a bulk order and one of our distributors will store what you don’t need now, then ship it to you when you’re ready for the rest of the quantity.

Diverse capabilities to convert & customize products

Most manufacturing operations are continuing to struggle with labor shortages. By working with our fastener distributors, your business doesn’t have to be at the mercy of a short-staffed workforce. Our distributors are well equipped to transform raw materials into finished goods, ready for store shelves. These options include printing, die-cutting, packaging, converting, slitting and more. If there is a process that can get your products to your end users sooner, our network of distributors can offer services to put the finishing touches on it.

No matter what industry you’re in or what your requirements are, talk to one of our distributors to learn how they can work with you to find an original solution that gets you ahead in the market.

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