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VELCRO® Brand Products Add Quality & Versatility for Vertx® Tactical Accessories

For first responders and military professionals, high pressure situations are always present in their daily lives. When duty calls, they need to rely on equipment that enables range of motion, comfort and easy access to vital tools. That’s why Vertx®, an established tactical apparel and accessories manufacturer, needed VELCRO® Brand Products to provide solutions that support tactical professionals and users.

Tactical Accessories Need To Align With User Personal Preferences

Tactical Accessories

Whether you’re a professional first responder or a civilian, you need tactical gear that can fit your lifestyle and body type so you can perform at your best. Tactical gear such as bags and holsters need to fit comfortably and always be within reach, without restricting motion or adding unnecessary bulk. With this understanding, Vertx® needed to provide bags and accessories made of durable, high quality materials that also align with a user’s mission, lifestyle, personal preferences and body type.  VELCRO® Brand Products helped this vision become a reality with customizable solutions.

Vertx® Designers Use ORIGINAL THINKING® to Create Tactical Accessories that Support Customer Comfort & Performance

Vertx® needed an easily adjustable, but rugged material to hold up to the demanding conditions their customers put it through. The designers used ORIGINAL THINKING® to transform VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape, a self-engaging fastener typically used for cable management, into an adjustable accessory for its tactical bags.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® self-engaging material is a lightweight, reusable and flexible material to add the needed functionality and comfort for tactical customers.

Traditional fastening methods such as buckles, snaps and zippers are limited to specific landing zones which doesn’t allow for the versatility Vertx® was seeking. Working with the VELCRO® Brand team, Vertx® used custom cut shapes of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape material to produce Tactigami®, a line of tailored holsters and accessories for tactical gear. With VELCRO® Brand loops lining the interior of Vertx® tactical bags, this created a blank canvas for users to position their tools however they want, without the limitation of stagnant fastening zones.

Additionally, the VELCRO® Brand’s reputation among consumers added a layer of quality to help support Vertx® as a top brand in tactical gear.

We needed a solution that people would instantly recognize to lend credibility to our new product line.  People know and trust the VELCRO® Brand. Velcro Companies has offered us a solid and dependable partner, who is willing to work with us to ensure we can provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

Denny Bogard, VP/GM Vertx®

Vertx® To Expand Into New Markets

Vertx® seeks to grow its business by expanding its products for use in additional markets, but while continuing to support solutions for its customer base of tactical users. The company’s expanded supply capabilities in Asia will help service its customers in a timelier manner as Vertx® looks toward the future.

To learn more on how the Vertx® designers used ORIGINAL THINKING® to create the Tactigami® product line, visit their booth, #14253, at SHOT Show on January 18 to 21 in Las Vegas, NV.

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