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A Preemie Baby Clothes Company & Our New Tech

Did you know every year, an estimated 15 million babies around the globe are born preterm? With so many children born early, it’s imperative for parents to destress and focus on interacting with their child. A large part of this process is clothing their baby. With preemie apparel, care is involved from the first stitch to the first dressing. One company providing extraordinary clothing for extraordinary babies has exceeded expectations for its preemie baby clothes. Powered by our brand new VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ closure, Perfectly Preemie is differentiating itself in the market with a single fastener.

Perfectly Preemie & Its NICU Preemie Clothes

As a family run business, Perfectly Preemie has been making preemie clothes for 27 years! All preemie baby clothes are high quality, fashionable, functional, and designed specifically for premature babies’ unique needs. This includes three different preemie sizes (micro preemie clothes, teeny and preemie), ranging from 1-6lbs and several styles that are NICU-friendly and designed to work around medical equipment (such as tubes, wires and IV’s).

As a long-term customer, Perfectly Preemie had used our standard low-profile sew-on hook and loop fasteners for its NICU-friendly styles; however, the design team wanted to explore other options that were even softer. When Perfectly Preemie reached out to our VELCRO® Brand Footwear and Apparel solutions team, we offered our latest technology: the VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ closure.

Introducing The New VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ Closure

This brand new fastener is a revolutionary low-profile addition to Velcro Companies’ product offerings. With its ultra-soft hook, the patented ‘T’-shape is smooth-to-the-touch, perfect for NICU preemie clothes and delicate skin.

Soft and non-abrasive – Perfectly Preemie designs and manufactures with intention. Knowing premature babies have sensitive skin, they wanted a product that was soft to the touch. Our VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fastener offers precisely that and more. The soft hook and loop combine to form a non-abrasive closure, causing the baby no irritation.

Lightweight and low-profile– As a lightweight option, the closure does not weigh down clothes, allowing for optimal comfort and more wiggle freedom. The fastener has a high cycle-life for successful performance, and because it’s made from non-woven and woven materials, it’s amazingly flexible for Perfectly Preemie’s lightweight sewing apparel.

The representative from Velcro Companies responded to our initial questions quickly, provided an original solution, and followed up with innovative samples for us to try. Even during the difficult times of COVID, they continued to communicate with us clearly and delivered samples so we could identify the best solution. The product we chose fits perfectly; it is an excellent solution for our preemie clothing and delicate customers

Cressie Baerg, Founder/Owner

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