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Let it Snow With This Amazing Light Sculpture

Winter has arrived, and along with the chill, Northern Irish artist Rachel Fitzpatrick has used our fasteners to create a snow-fallen light sculpture. See how Rachel used our VELCRO® Brand hook and loop tape to create this beautiful piece of art.

Let it Snow Lighting Sculpture

Who is Rachel Fitzpatrick?

Artist Rachel Fitzpatrick

At the intersection of art and design, you’ll find Ireland native Rachel Fitzpatrick. Her whimsical and ornate sculpture lighting fixtures are made from VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

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Her Process to Create A Snowy Light Sculpture

Ideation for The Snowy Light Sculpture

It all starts with inspiration. Inspired by the snowfall in Ireland, Rachel collected images and materials to put her ideas on paper. She then sketched out what she wanted her sculpture to look like, creating a great start to the artistic process.

sketching the snowy lighting sculpture

Choosing Materials

Next, Rachel considered the type of fastener she wanted to use and its colors. Naturally, she chose white and our standard VELCRO® Brand fasteners to give her art a snow-fallen look and feel.

The Sculpting Process & Lighting

Thirdly came the sculpting process. Once Rachel had chosen the white hook and loop tape for her project, she formed organic-shaped strands and laid them out on a table. While creating each segment, a piece of thread was woven through the strands to add more softness to the piece. Next, she then took each strand and formed it around a globe to create a spherical shape that could stand up on its own.

Lighting – Finally, a light was strung through the piece to create a sculptural pendant light.

Rachel Fitzpatrick created this beautiful lighting sculpture to encompass snowfall, while also transforming our fasteners into a light and airy art piece. “Let It Snow”!

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