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Velcro Companies Belgium Textile Converting Plant Helps Global Supply Chains

Around the world, many businesses are seeing delays in shipments and disruptions in global supply chains due to pandemic-related effects. This has stalled many manufacturing industries since they can’t get valued supplies on time or at all. For instance, a large German-based auto manufacturer recently furloughed 1,300 plant workers due to a shortage of semiconductors and raw materials.

In challenging times such as these, central European businesses need to find reliable methods of obtaining their crucial materials. Fortunately, Velcro Companies’ textile converting plant in Deinze, Belgium, is helping to solve these global supply chain pain points with local, agile and customer centric support in addition to quick shipping.

Local Textile Converting & Reduced Lead Times for Global Supply Chains

In 2015, Velcro Companies moved into Belgium with the acquisition of Alfatex N.V., an established player in the textile industry in central Europe since 1978. This positions VELCRO® Brand product manufacturing in a centralized location in EMEA with easy access to many large businesses.

Most textile assembly operations depend heavily on oversea plants. With many global ports experiencing 83% longer delays in shipping compared to the pre-pandemic world, how are companies supposed to get their products on the shelves in time? Central European businesses can eliminate this bottleneck with Velcro Companies. Our plant in Belgium combines quicker manufacturing times and offers a central location to reduce lead times with shipping over shorter distances for customers in EMEA.

Additionally, Velcro Companies’ global network of manufacturing plants is able to mitigate global supply chain challenges by shifting operations from one plant to another. If there are shortages in one location, we can potentially produce more product in another.

Custom Converting Capabilities, Diverse Product Offering & Support

Global labor shortages have created gaps in capabilities for many businesses. When a company is short staffed, but still needs to cut and convert product into finished goods, Velcro Companies can act as a partner. Our plant in Deinze has the capability to produce, stock and ship products as required, reducing the stress on businesses and establishing a strong partnership between Velcro Companies and its customers.

Our site in Deinze is known for its diverse and customized product offering that solves everyday challenges. This broad offering positions the plant as a valuable supplier to the central European market. The plant has its own laboratory for product testing and ensures consistent quality and compliance with ISO9001 and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 for most products.

Quality & Consistency in Converting Textile Products

As the manufacturer of the original hook and loop fastener, no other company has more experience with this fastening technology than Velcro Companies. Our engineering team offers expert support to enhance our customer solutions, optimizing the end-user experience across many industries.

Customers have come to know the VELCRO® Brand as the most reliable and highest-quality manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners. Our Quality teams ensure this high level of product reliability and customer service is consistent, regardless of where customers are located in the world.

Are you experiencing supply chain disruptions? Contact us to learn how we can assist with these challenges.

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