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How the VELCRO® Brand Simplifies PPE Solutions

As the UK economy beings to re-open, businesses and hospitals will need to return to a new state of normalcy. This requires screening on-site employees for infection and the use of PPE solutions including partitions and face masks. These measures will be needed to sustain the economy into the future and prevent a second wave of COVID-19 cases. Here is how the VELCRO® Brand can help with quick and easy PPE solutions for the medical community and everyday life.

PPE Solutions for Hospital Staff & Daily Life

PPE Solutions Face Shields

Face shields are a commonality not only for medical professionals, but for grocery store, pharmacy and warehouse workers as well. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® fasteners are used to attach the plastic shield to the head band for a secure and comfortable fit. These fasteners are also used to make DIY face masks with other common household items.

PPE Solutions Plastic Partitions

Plastic partitions will be a commonality in offices, restaurants, banks, grocery stores and more in order to align with social distancing. VELCRO® Brand adhesive-backed fasteners are a reusable fastening solution to secure partitions to a wide variety of surfaces. This allows partitions to be easily replaced for sanitation and repairs.

PPE Solutions Gown Fasteners

Protective gowns have been greatly needed in hospital settings during this crisis. VELCRO® Brand fasteners have proven to be an effective fastening solution that doesn’t include mechanical parts that can break down over time.

Solutions for Crisis Response Personnel & Settings

Field Hospital Tent Structures

Temporary field hospitals and testing centers have been erected in convention centers, parks and other public spaces to accommodate for the influx of patients. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape serves as a reusable fastening solution for setting up tents under these time sensitive circumstances. The reusability enables tents to be set up and torn down many times when these stations must be relocated.

Field Hospital Cable Management

These temporary sites also greatly depend on machines and devices to house patient history and data. ONE-WRAP® Tape is a proven solution to keep all cables organized and clean to prevent tripping hazards and facilitate the transportation of these machines.

Field Hospital Bed Straps

Field hospital beds need to be secure while they are constantly moved in and out of temporary sites. The VELCRO® Brand LogiStrap® is a reusable solution to keep equipment and patients secure as they are transported among various areas of care.

Ambulance Organization

Ambulances depend on vital equipment to monitor patients and protect themselves. VELCRO® Brand fasteners serve as crucial elements in life saving equipment such as blood pressure cuffs, gurney belts and other straps to keep ambulance settings clean and organized. These hook and loop fasteners also play a role in securing plastic curtains that can be replaced quickly after each use.

Whether you work in a hospital, office or warehouse, the VELCRO® Brand has a fastener to help protect and sanitize your environment during these times. View the complete offering of VELCRO® Brand COVID-19 solutions.

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