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What first comes to mind when you think of the VELCRO® Brand?

The answer is likely something accompanied by a hand motion that signals two things being pulled apart and – if the subject has a sense of humor – an imitation of the noise that hook and loop makes when the pieces are pulled apart. That prominent association of hook and loop has evolved tremendously since its conception by Swiss inventor, George de Mestral.

Now, 70+ years later, VELCRO® Brand fasteners have dramatically advanced in products around the world and even accompanied Neil Armstrong on his famous 1968 trip to the moon. Through efficient and creative solutions, Velcro Companies strives to be the dominant innovator in fastening technology, ranging from durable connections, like football stadium turf, to soft and secure fasteners for a baby’s diaper. Its industries are versatile with applications in transportation, personal care, apparel, medical, industrial, construction, and even packaging.

With over a library of more than 450 patents worldwide, these fasteners have tremendous capabilities, aiming to tailor its hook-and-loop to address customer’s unique needs and demands in the fastening space. Velcro Companies is forever evolving, creating practical and engaging products for the end-consumer.

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