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Top Tips for Halloween Fancy Dress

It’s October! I know, we can’t believe it either. Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re about to have even more fun making our own Halloween costumes.

Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity and craftiness flow. But you don’t need a big budget or even a sewing machine to blow everyone away with your outfit this year! We’re going to share with you some of our top tips for making your own, one of a kind, totally unique, completely fantastic Halloween costume.

Work with what you’ve got

The first rule of making a Halloween costume that fits both your budget and your personality is to work with what you’ve got. Look around your home and start to think creatively. If you have an old graduation gown and a red and orange scarf, you can quickly become a Harry Potter character! Do you have lots of orange shopping bags lying around? Stick them together and voila, a pumpkin!

Stay true to you

If this is going to work out, you’re going to have to stay true to your likes when making a costume. Sticking it out to create something amazing takes a lot of enthusiasm, so starting on a Star Wars costume when you haven’t seen the movies simply won’t work. Instead, pick a favourite character you want to pay homage too in style! Your passion will carry you through to an amazing final outfit.

No need to sew

Sewing a Halloween costume can be time consuming and expensive, because once you’ve sewn spider legs onto your favourite LBD, that can’t be undone. That’s where we come in. Using VELCRO® Brand products, you can easily stick and un-stick every crazy idea, with no consequences.

halloween craft    halloween craft

halloween craft

Look for inspiration

Being original is more difficult than you would think – getting creative once a year is quite enough thank you! So if you’re suffering from a creative block, then it’s time to scour the internet for some fab outfit ideas. As usual, you call, we answer with these fab costume ideas!

Focus on the details

It’s the tiniest details that make a costume extra special. I mean, what would Katniss Everdeen be without her MockingJay pin? What’s Wonder Woman without her Lasso of Truth? Think small to make a big impact.

Have fun!

The most important rule of all. There’s a reason we spend so much time crafting and creating – it’s fun! Don’t forget that making is a huge part of why we love Halloween so much.

Have a scarily good Halloween, everyone!  

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