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9 Genius Camping Hacks

  1. If you don’t have any kindling for a fire, use DORITOS® instead. Trust us, they’re surprisingly flammable!
  2. Secure your camping essentials such as your sleeping bag and tent with a sturdy VELCRO® Brand Adjustable Wide Strap for strong hold with easy access.
  3. Use old Tic-Tac boxes to store cooking spices or medicines – just don’t get the two mixed up!
  4. Add bundles of fresh and fragrant sage to your campfire to repel pesky mosquitoes.
  5. If you’re planning a hike, take some brightly coloured biodegradable tape to mark your trail with.
  6. Pack pre-packaged sachets of hot chocolate for an evening treat, or coffee to make sure you can get your caffeine fix wherever you are.
  7. Tie a torch to a gallon jug of water with a VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP Reusable Tie to create an instant lantern! The light will illuminate the water and fill your tent with ambient lighting.
  8. Instead of packing ice in your cooler, freeze any liquid foodstuffs to keep your food cold. Bottles of water, cooking sauces and condiments can be frozen to save space.
  9. Fancy a fry up in the wilderness? Crack and whisk eggs and keep them in a bottle to save time and avoid mess. Then simply pour into a hot pan!

With these genius hacks under your cap you’ll be able to relax in luxury no matter where you pitch your tent. Now hit the road for a weekend under the stars and make the most of this great British summer.

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