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A: Each resume is reviewed by the recruiter assigned to the position you applied for, generally within 24 hours. An assessment is made based on your experience and qualifications presented in the resume which compares your skills and qualifications against other applicants and the criteria of the position.

If your qualifications are a good match, the recruiter will contact you directly.

A: If you did not receive an automatic response regarding your resume/application submission an error may have occurred. Please try to resubmit your resume/application following the online directions carefully. A successful submission will generate an auto response. Also check your spam filter to ensure the response was not missed.

A: All positions, in which we are seeking an external candidate for, are posted on our website. The position will remain posted until we have a viable candidate who accepts our offer for employment and is cleared for hire.

A: Generally the interview process will begin with a phone interview. This step is conducted by a recruiter in our Human Resources department. Upon conclusion of the phone interview, qualified candidates are scheduled for an interview with the manager of the open position.

The Recruiter will follow up with the applicants after all interviews are completed, notifying them of the next steps in the process.  Generally, if you are selected as the most qualified candidate, an offer is extended contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment drug screen and a background check.

  • Do: Follow requests for formatting requirements (i.e. word document, subject line of an email, etc.), content (salary history, cover letter, etc.) and any other special mentions an employer may require for your application.
  • Do: Specify what position(s) you are submitting your resume for.
  • Do: Provide enough information on your resume pertaining to your skills and qualifications to allow for a recruiter to qualify your fit as a viable candidate.
  • Do: Spell Check
  • Do: Your research. Know information about the company so that you can decide first and foremost if the company is the right place for you.
  • Do: Include your contact information on your resume.
  • Do: If you are interested in and qualified for multiple positions, apply to each of them separately following each job’s application process instructions.
  • Do: Apply for only those positions you are available for (i.e. 1st shift for example). Don’t: Repeatedly send your resume/application to apply for the same position if you have already received confirmation of receipt.
  • Don’t: Send a resume with outdated contact information.
  • Don’t: Apply to all positions unless you are qualified for AND interested in each of them.