• 5 Tips for Rearranging Your Bag With VELCRO® Brand

    Posted 1/27/2017 by VELCRO® Brand UK
    1/27/2017 12:00:00 AM
    velcro brand organisation tips

    The start of the year is the ideal time to declutter. You may have the house organised perfectly, but it’s easy to forget about your handbag. If you’re anything like us, then you carry around everything but the kitchen sink in your bag and there’s no time like the present to restore a little order.

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  • It’s Time to Get Organised with VELCRO® Brand

    Posted 1/18/2017 by VELCRO® Brand UK
    1/18/2017 12:00:00 AM
    Velcro organisation

    There’s nothing like a new year to put a little spring in your step and encourage you to do a little reorganisation around the house. The run up to Christmas can leave the place a little unkempt, to say the least, so it’s time to regain a little order.

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  • Introducing STAYHOLD™- The Modular Boot Organiser

    Posted 11/11/2016 by VELCRO® Brand UK
    11/11/2016 12:00:00 AM
    boot cargo organiser

    Life is short! Nothing new or surprising there, but we can all agree that the last thing anyone wants is to have items rolling around and breaking in the boot whilst they are driving! If only, there was some kind of car boot organiser to store and hold anything you needed to transport. Enter STAYHOLD™, the perfect cargo solution. 

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