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Don’t say velcro

Don't say velcro

Our Legal Team Has Something To Say

Our Velcro Companies legal team decided to clear a few things up about using the VELCRO® trademark correctly – because they’re lawyers and that’s what they do. When you use “velcro” as a noun or a verb (e.g., velcro shoes), you diminish the importance of our brand and our lawyers lose their *insert fastening sound.* So please, do not say “velcro shoes” (or “velcro wallet” or “velcro gloves”) – we repeat “velcro” is not a noun or a verb. VELCRO® is our brand. #dontsayvelcro

Not Grippy Grass. Not Rootubapow. Always Hook & Loop.

We heard you. Our first Don’t Say ‘Velcro’ video received thousands of comments from over 150 countries. Some people loved it, some gave us new names for hook & loop fasteners, and some had other colourful feedback. Nevertheless, please remember that when you use our trademark VELCRO® as a noun you diminish the importance of it. We’re counting on you to call it by its name. #hookandloopforever

Because We Love Reading The Fine Print

100% and it’s easier to follow than most telenovelas. The VELCRO® mark is always in all caps followed by “®,” the word “Brand,” and then the functional terms like “hook and loop,” “fasteners,” and “closures.” Voila.

Let’s use it in a sentence:
Our products feature VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

No. Never. Please don’t. VELCRO® is not a verb, a noun, or a stand-alone word. It should only be used like “VELCRO® Brand products” or referring to a specific product such as “VELCRO® Brand straps.” We repeat, do not ever say “velcro shoes” (or “velcro wallet” or “velcro gloves”). Ever.

You can identify any non-VELCRO® Brand products by their common terms, including “self fasteners,” “hook and loop,” “closures,” etc. We get it, hook and loop isn’t in our everyday vocabulary, but calling it velcro just wouldn’t be true.

To make it a little easier:
: He helped his son velcro his shoes.
Correct: He helped his son fasten his shoes.

Incorrect: I just bought some velcro shoes!
Correct: I just bought some self-fastening shoes!

Us lawyers have to protect our people. Using the VELCRO® trademark properly allows us to protect the integrity of the VELCRO® Brand and our trademark rights, and protect consumers from purchasing products incorrectly identified as VELCRO® Brand products. It’s, you know, the right thing to do.

Our company is the brainchild of Swiss engineer and inventor of the world’s first hook-and-loop fastener, George de Mestral. He blended the French words “velour” (velvet) and “crochet” (hook) to create the name of the brand – and fun fact, got a patent for hook and loop in 1955 and the first trademark registration for the VELCRO® mark in 1956. Now we own more than 300 trademark registrations for the VELCRO® mark worldwide.

Our website has everything you need to know about our VELCRO® Brand products. Or send us a message. We would be thrilled to talk to you in more detail about, trademark laws, patent laws, and any law, really.

Take a stand with our VELCRO® Brand

It’s not about doing it for us, it’s about doing the right thing. Successful brands around the world need your support to help protect trademark guidelines. Pledge to end the era of broken trademark laws.

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