VELCRO® Brand PPE Equipment

Face shields, partitions, temporary shelters and more require components that can hold together through demanding conditions, but also flex and adjust with ease. VELCRO® Brand fasteners have been reliable solutions in the medical industry for years and can be depended on for PPE.

Solutions for PPE & Hospital Staff

Face Shields for Medical Professionals

VELCRO® Brand fasteners attach the plastic shield to the headband and is a user friendly closure mechanism to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The textile closures are soft against the skin and can be easily adjusted for various head sizes and removed for cleaning.

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Gown Closures

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are trusted for hospital gowns because they are soft and flexible, safe for machine washing in high temperatures and can be cycled thousands of times. Various options are available such as low profile, pre-cut pieces, sew on, adhesives, multiple colors and more. Custom solutions can be produced for gowns designed for single or long term use.

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Pop-up COVID-19 Testing Sites

VELCRO® Brand fasteners organize cables to prevent tripping hazards and are used to fix tents to structures under time-sensitive circumstances. Custom engineered solutions are available for indoor and outdoor environments.

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Field Hospital Bed Fixtures

For temporary settings such as field hospitals, the VELCRO® Brand LogiStrap® Fastener is used on beds to keep patients secure when transported among various areas for care. The adjustable strap can adapt to various bed sizes.

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Ambulance Equipment Organization

We provide fasteners that are vital elements in ambulances that help save lives, including blood pressure cuffs, gurney belts and other straps that secure and organize equipment for easy access.

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Ambulance Curtain Mounting

Our adhesive-backed fasteners are used to mount plastic curtains to isolate patients and protect medical equipment and workers from contamination. The reusable fasteners enable curtains to be replaced quickly after each use.

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