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Alfatex Group History

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The company was founded in 1978 by Armin Bäni and Johan Lecluyse.



Shortly after the founding of Alfatex there was explosive growth in the demand for hook and loop tapes. This marked the beginning of Alfatex’ growth in the industry. Most of the products sold during this period were standard tapes.



In the beginning of the 1990’s Alfatex began to focus on specializations and technical markets, as well as further development of glues and the start of punching, splicing, and more.

Furthermore, the first steps were made in order to start-up a sales network throughout Europe. Because of the continuing growth, sales offices in the Netherlands and in France were established through the acquisition of:


Fixline® Holland, which became Alfatex Netherlands.


Acrotex® France, which became Alfatex France.



After the turn of the century Alfatex continued its growth trajectory and thus decided to open up sales offices in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.


Founding of Alfatex Germany.


In depth specialization on technical markets.


Alfatex Austria was founded.


Alfatex started to focus strongly on automotive markets and further invested in the laboratory and large automatization in production.


Sales offices were opened in the UK and in Poland, as well as the implementation of a strong focus in R&D.


By 2006 Alfatex had a sales network that covered almost all of Europe. In addition expansion eastwards and to Turkey furthered the growth of the company and the market penetration.



Alfatex Iberica, serving Spain, Portugal and North Africa, is founded.

In order to keep up with growing demand and specific requests from customers, the company invested in technical developments, driven by the Research & Development department. For example, magnetisable, antistatic, and antibacterial hook and loop fasteners were developed, as well as thermal adhesives. Technical possibilities for a lot of different sectors, especially the Automotive and Aviation industry, were increased and supported the further growth of Alfatex.


In 2015 Alfatex was acquired by Velcro Companies, a global leader in fastening solutions. Through this acquisition Velcro Companies and Alfatex were able to join forces to increase their product portfolio, expand operational capabilities and accelerate new product development.



In 2021 the VELCRO® Brand ALFATEX® textile product portfolio is revamped focusing everyday industrial core applications offering our customers speedy service and flexibility from our factory in Belgium.


In 2023, Alfatex NV legally renamed Velcro Belgium NV.

For over 35 years Alfatex has been a leading manufacturer of touch and close fasteners in every shape, type and size. With offices in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom Alfatex has the ability to serve customers all over Europe. The office in Belgium has more than 20,000m² of space dedicated to research & development, production and inventory management.