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Potted Perfection: 5 Tomato Tips for Small Spaces!

Alright, tomato lovers, listen up! So, you want to grow those juicy red gems, but your space is more of a ‘shoebox’ than a ‘garden plot’? Don’t stress! Container gardening to the rescue! We’ve got some pro tips to turn your balcony, deck, or patio into tomato central. Ready for the scoop? Here are five hacks to make your tomatoes thrive in containers!

  1. How to choose your tomato varieties wisely
  2. What to look for when choosing your containers
  3. Picking the right potting soil
  4. What the right plant food is for tomato container gardening
  5. How to support your tomatoes

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

How to grow tomatoes in containers

  1. Choose Varieties Wisely

    Not all tomato varieties grow easily in containers and there are two different types you should know about.

    The first is indeterminate. They are vine-like plants that can grow up to ten feet tall. These are more suitable for trellis and regular gardening. Varieties like ‘Brandywine’ and hybrids like ‘Better Boy’ are great to spread out in your garden.

    The second variety is determinates. They are small and can grow to about four feet tall. There are many determinate varieties; however, choosing the right one will help your plants produce fruit all season long. ‘Tidy Treats,’ ‘Husky Red,’ and ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’ are just a few that are perfect for growing tomatoes in pots.

    How to tie up tomato plants

  2. Get the Right Pots

    Once you have chosen the right variety, now it’s time to determine what size container is right for your plants. With tomatoes, the larger the container, the less watering and fertilizing you’ll have to do. An 18-inch diameter is the ideal size for growing determinate tomatoes.

    Pro tip: To help keep your tomatoes hydrated, choose self-watering containers. These containers have a reservoir for water at the bottom of the container. Water slowly seeps into the soil, keeping it moist for days.

    Seed Pot

  3. Use A High-Quality Potting Soil

    Plants cultivated in containers require an optimal blend of aeration, absorption, and moisture retention.

    Ordinary topsoil from your garden and commercially labeled mixes such as “raised bed soil” or “garden soil” are typically too dense for potted plants. Using such soil increases the likelihood of your tomato plant contracting soil-borne diseases that are otherwise easily preventable.

    Try opting for a high-quality potting soil or mix and try to refrain from reusing potting soil from previous seasons.

  4. Make Sure to Feed Your Plants Properly

    Let’s chat about keeping those tomatoes happy! Find a sunny spot for your tomato container – aim for 6-8 hours of sunlight each day. That’s like giving them a cozy sunbathing session. And here’s the cool part – as the sun shifts during the summer, move your containers around your deck or patio. To keep them well-fed, give them a regular dose of diluted plant food.

  5. Tomato Supports

    Even dwarf varieties of tomatoes will benefit from some support. There are several ways to tie tomato plants, but our favourite is using tomato cages or stakes fastened to the tomato plant with VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties. Simply, tie the tomatoes about 20 cm apart, along the stem to give them the support they need.

    How to Grow Tomatoes

And that’s it!

Get ready to savor the tomato triumph with our guide on how to grow tomatoes in containers! Seek out that sunny spot, pamper your plants with regular plant food, and brace yourself for the excitement.

Envision your balcony or patio transformed into a tomato treasure trove, promising a bounty of juicy goodness. Growing tomatoes in containers isn’t just about witnessing the show but enjoying your upcoming harvest feast. Let the anticipation soar!

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