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How VELCRO® Brand Products Support Aircraft Acoustic Insulation Attachment

There are many components used to help an aircraft interior provide comfort for passengers in the skies. Aircraft thermal and acoustic insulation is one of the hidden heroes in the construction of aircraft interiors. This unseen component is vital for climate control and protection from the roar of the aircraft engines. Ensuring these components are secure and placed correctly can be made easy with VELCRO® Brand products.

Conform Acoustic Insulation with Uneven Surfaces

Aerospace acoustic insulation

In order to regulate temperature and noise in an aircraft, acoustic insulation needs to be properly secured and flush against all components. The flexibility of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners easily enables insulation to conform to the many contours and grooves of interior walls. These fasteners also eliminate the need for tools, are easy to move and replace, reduce the chances of damaging valuable materials and facilitate maintenance.

Reduce Supply Chain Bottlenecks with the Global Footprint of Velcro Companies

Aerospace Supply Chains

Everyone enjoys having more choices so why not apply this to your selection of suppliers? Many aircraft insulation manufacturers are faced with the challenge of single-sourced products. Depending on a single supplier can come with high risks. Global supply chain delays are expected to continue into 2023 and experts recommend shifting to operations and vendors located closer to customers.

Choosing VELCRO® Brand products for insulation designs can alleviate supply chain headaches by reducing dependence on a single supplier. VELCRO® Brand solutions are trusted worldwide in countless commercial applications and are certified to Airbus aerospace standards. With product inventory locations worldwide, VELCRO® Brand fasteners will travel over shorter distances, reducing delays in logistics that many international vendors are experiencing today.

Delivering An Ideal Experience for Passengers

Aerospace Acoustic Insulation

Airline travel is rebounding and manufactures must keep pace with this demand to avoid shortages and flight cancellations. VELCRO® Brand Transportation solutions can provide vital assistance during these unusual times. We can keep inventory well stocked with fasteners that provide a secure fit around every corner and groove of an aircraft interior. This can ensure passengers will enjoy a comfortable experience without disruption.

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