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Abrasive Tools Maximize Performance with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

When it comes to prepping a wall for painting, polishing a new vehicle or smoothing out some wood for a DIY project, eliminating unnecessary tasks is important. Abrasive tools have changed how industrial, commercial and residential projects are performed by making them easier and reducing time. With VELCRO® Brand products, abrasive tools have eased labor and enhanced performance.

Abrasive Tool Manufacturers Adapt to Flexibility, Temperatures & Ease of Use

Abrasive tools - polishing

Abrasive tool manufacturers are always updating their designs with ease of use, quality and performance in mind, but there are always new challenges. Construction sites often include high temperatures that can test the tool’s capability to hold its attachments together. Not all surfaces are flat, especially when polishing a car. This requires pads that can flex to remain flush with curved surfaces. Whether the job is polishing an automobile or prepping a wall for painting, abrasive pads need to be lightweight, easy to remove and replace and adaptable to any surface.

VELCRO® Brand Products Have Helped Abrasive Tools Evolve


Over the years, abrasive tool manufacturers have replaced mechanical fastening methods with VELCRO® Brand hook and loop closures. These fastening solutions are developed to be low profile for flush mating on the tool and lightweight to reduce bulk in the overall design. When the user needs to switch pads, it’s easy to tear off one piece and simply press on the next, easing labor and saving valuable time on the job. The flexible material of VELCRO® Brand fasteners allows manufacturers to design tools and pads that can adapt to curved surfaces so end users can depend on a tool that performs to their expectations.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners deliver consistency across the product offering to help manufacturers meet requirements for their customers and avoid unnecessary and costly re-designs. For 25 years, many top names in the construction tool business have specified VELCRO® Brand products in their tools.

VELCRO® Brand Construction Solutions Adapt with Abrasive Tool Trends


The Velcro Companies research and development team is always working with manufacturers to develop products that align with specific requirements and industry standards. When new trends in the abrasive market emerge, our products will adapt to satisfy the needs of manufacturers and their customers.

With manufacturing locations worldwide, our products and services lend support across all major regions of the globe. If you’re looking for flexible and reusable fastening solutions for abrasive applications, contact us to learn how we can accommodate your needs.

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