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How To DIY Felt Play Food Good Enough To Eat! – Free Patterns included

Light up the BBQ and get these burgers on the grill… oh wait– scratch that! Though these burgers look good enough to eat, we promise your kids will enjoy playing with this more! In this easy sewing tutorial, we’ll show you how to make this DIY felt play food. We’ve included a burger with all the fixings and a plate of french fries – the quintessential BBQ food.

We’ve even added free felt food patterns! So without further adieu, let’s learn how to make this delicious-looking plate!

How to Make Felt Play Food:

What You’ll Need:

Felt Play Food materials

  1. To start, print out the felt burger pattern, cut out the paper shapes, and trace them on a corresponding felt sheet. Once you’ve outlined them, it’s time to cut out the felt pieces.

Felt Play Food step 1

The Bun and Burger

  1. To make the burger bun, thread a needle with brown embroidery floss. Then sew a straight stitch around the circumference.Felt Play Food step 2a

Felt Play Food step 2bBefore tying off, cinch the thread slightly, so the fabric puckers to form a puffy “mushroom top.” (This will be a basting stitch and will be removed later, so make your stitches wide.)

Felt Play Food step 2c

Felt Play Food step 2d

  1. Using a blanket stitch, sew the smaller bun piece to the top.Felt Play Food step 3a

Fill the bun with an inch of stuffing before completion. Then remove the basting stitch.Felt Play Food step 3b

  1. For the bottom bun, take your rectangle and sew a blanket stitch around one of the circle pieces.

Felt Play Food step 4

Felt Play Food step 4a

When you’re finished with the circle, sew the rectangle to the top of the bun. Fill the bun with an inch of stuffing before completion.

Felt Play Food step 4b

Felt Play Food step 4c

Felt Play Food step 4d

  1. To make the burger patty, use brown felt and embroidery thread. Then repeat step 4.

Felt Play Food step 5

Using a permanent marker, draw “grill lines” on the burger.

Felt Play Food step 5b


  1. Assemble the tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, and avocado slices using fabric glue.

Felt Play Food step 6b Felt Play Food step 6c

Felt Play Food step 6d Felt Play Food step 6e


  1. Sew the yolk to the egg white using a whip stitch. Then add a little stuffing before completion.

Felt Play Food step 7 Felt Play Food step 7d Felt Play Food step 7c Felt Play Food step 7b

Assemble The Burger

  1. Take the VELCRO® Brand Stick On for Fabrics Ovals and place one hook coin to the bottom of every food (except for the bottom bun).

Felt Play Food step 8

French Fries

  1. To make the french fries, cut a 4” x 1.5” piece of light tan fabric and layer one side with fabric glue.

Felt Play Food step 9 Felt Play Food step 9b

Next, tightly roll up the strip lengthwise.

Felt Play Food step 9c

Fold the rolled strip accordion-style and position clips to hold the creases closed.

Felt Play Food step 9d

Remove the clips when the glue is dry to reveal a crinkle-cut french fry.

Felt Play Food step 9e Felt Play Food step 9f

Food Basket

  1. Print and cut out the food basket on a sheet of cardstock. Fold and glue together.

Felt Play Food step 10b

And that’s it! With this DIY felt play food, your kids are ready to grill alongside you!

If you’d like to try this crafting tutorial yourself, pick up a pack of VELCRO® Brand Stick On for Fabrics Ovals. And for more easy sewing projects, stay on our blog!

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