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Patient Monitoring Devices: The Care of Our Solutions

The oath doctors and nurses take is the ultimate promise they pledge to begin caring for others. These words hold an essential and life-saving responsibility for health care providers. That duty is carried out through the products used to care for their patients. As a medical device contract manufacturer, our solutions provide comfort, ease of use, reliability, and flexibility to patient monitoring devices and the patients who wear them.

Our Experience As A Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

With over 40 years of experience and our ISO 13485 certification, we offer a broad range of manufacturing capabilities, which enable us to support our customers’ needs around the world. We offer solutions to our customers, enabling their product designs and, ultimately, an improved quality of care for their intended patients.  Our strategic supply, outbound logistics, top-notch operations and quality teams provide end to end support for the life of our customer’s medical product. As an experienced medical contract manufacturer, we’re here to help provide solutions to our customers and patients.

Our Solutions for Patient Monitoring Devices: Designed With The Patient In-Mind

 Fetal Monitoring Straps

Fetal Monitoring Straps

The device and patient care: During the gestation and delivery phases of birth, it’s essential to monitor the expecting mother and their child’s vitals. This is accomplished by utilizing a monitoring device that is comfortably placed onto the mother’s abdomen. This helps observe the baby’s heartbeat and the mother’s contractions while in labor, ensuring a safe delivery. It also aids in prompt critical treatment to ensure a healthy baby and mother.

SP02 Sensors

SP02 Sensors baby in the NICU

The device and patient care: Oxygen readings are critical to patient care. Sp02 sensors report back an approximation of a patient’s blood oxygen content. Whether the need is for a home patient monitoring device after surgery or one for a continued care plan, the sensors must make it easy for the caregiver to measure oxygen levels, while also providing comfort to the patient.

Our solution: Our VELCRO® Brand products for Sp02 sensors provide lightweight, breathable, and conformable solutions for patients. The straps can easily be repositioned to wrap around a patient’s toe or finger securely. This provides the perfect placing for the sensors to monitor blood oxygen levels.

Wearable Monitoring

Wearable Monitoring Device - person running

The device and patient care: As monitoring devices evolve, patients will continue to be treated and observed by caregivers remotely. These wearable or remote patient monitoring devices collect health data on an individual basis, which can be sent electronically to the patient’s caregiver. Wearable devices help make it easy and safer for patients with long-term care plans. They also must read vitals correctly and function properly.

Our solution: Our VELCRO® Brand laminated straps work seamlessly with these monitoring devices. The straps can be designed to conveniently loop through and secure any monitoring component, providing practical and reliable readings. The straps can be secured to the patient’s head, wrist, finger, shoulder, or waist for convenience and comfort.

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Blood Pressure Cuffs

The device and patient care: Obtaining an accurate blood pressure reading can save a patient’s life. From the most precious infants to the grandparents we love, VELCRO® Brand hook and loop products provide the optimal combination for a variety of sizes and styles. This helps to ensure the highest quality care and comfort.

Our VELCRO® Brand medical solutions team ensures each product we make meets the rigorous standards for today’s industry while always keeping the patient’s care top of mind. Each day we’re researching new technologies, materials, and treatments that add value to our medical monitoring applications and are actively engaged with our customers to improve next-generation designs.

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