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Sneeze Guards: The New Normal for Transportation

As we return to our new normal, transportation systems are implementing new measures to protect travelers. Countries are slowly beginning to move to phase two and keeping the general public safe is their top priority. Sneeze guards are an essential part of this plan.

At Velcro Companies, we’re helping airlines, ridesharing services, and the rest of the transportation industry get back to business. With customized solutions, we make it quick and easy to install sneeze guards and glass partition walls.


What Is a Sneeze Guard and Why Are They Important?

Around the globe, the transportation industry has felt the impacts of COVID-19 and is looking for ways to help prevent the spread of the virus. Sneeze guards are a great option – as a barrier designed to block the transfer of respiratory droplets, sneeze guards aim to help prevent infection, address public safety, and encourage ridership.


Sneeze Guard Requirements

Officially, there are no government standards for sneeze guards outside of the food industry. However, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the right one for each space:


What are the key sneeze guard components?

Sneeze guards are usually made from 2 main components – a barrier and their mounting solutions.


What material should I choose?

When choosing the right material, consider rigidity. They should be able to withstand daily wear and tear as well as interactions between ride-goers and or employees. Acrylic or glass is typically preferred for these applications.


How tall should it be?

It’s important to consider that each partition should cover the full interaction – knowing the average height of a person is around 5-6 ft tall. You’ll want to make sure they’re at minimum 5ft tall.


Why VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Are the Perfect Solution


With sneeze guard implementation on high-demand, mounting solutions for the transportation industry need to be quick and reliable. The more time maintenance spends on installation; the less revenue is generated. For instance, plane delays can cost airlines around $28 billion, so it’s crucial to get planes running as soon as possible.


Where We Come In

With VELCRO® Brand solutions, our fasteners are customized to fit each transportation sector’s needs. Sneeze guard installation is now easy – with no tools required, our solutions are repositionable, reliably secure, and are quickly implemented. When these walls need to be sanitized, partitions can be taken down, fully cleaned, and reattached with no problem.


Sneeze Guards for Airplanes

sneeze guards for airplane seats

Many airlines have implemented social distancing measures to encourage safe flying. To maintain financial stability, budget airlines have placed partitions in between seats. Our VELCRO® Brand Fire Retardant ONE-WRAP® Straps are an excellent component and hold the plexiglass panels perfectly in place. The fasteners are self-engaging, so airplane partitions are easy and quick to install. Simply loop the fastener around the top of the seat as well as the armrests, and installation is complete. This closure is also fire retardant, which means it’s F.A.R 25.853 compliant.


Sneeze Guards for Trains and Subways

sneeze guards for trains

To promote safe work environments, both subways and trains stations have installed either stationary or portable sneeze guards at ticketing kiosks and information booths. Our VELCRO® Brand Extra Thin closure is an excellent way to install these countertop stations. With no tools required, the adhesive is easy to apply and leaves minimal residue when removed. If the panels need to be cleaned or replaced, installers can pull off the countertop sneeze guards in little to no time.


Sneeze Guards for Buses

sneeze guards for buses

Public transport systems have installed custom sneeze guards to ensure their bus drivers’ safety. These screens can be mounted with VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength fasteners. As a single component solution, the closure is made for long term installation and can be used on various surfaces. The fastener is a strong, self-engaging tape and is easy to use. The fastener ensures a firm and reliable connection every time.


Sneeze Guards for Taxis and Ridesharing Services

sneeze guards for ridesharing

Ridesharing companies are now looking into sneeze guards to protect their drivers and passengers. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties and Tape are a great way to hold temporary sneeze guards. The ties can wrap around the seats and headrests to easily create a barrier between the front and back seats.


Keep employees and ride-goers safe and mount sneeze guards using VELCRO® Brand solutions.


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