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How to simplify sign installation during ever-changing times

The CDC, OSHA and local governments have produced social distancing recommendations and requirements for manufacturing and operations workers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic has significantly changed working conditions and businesses need to communicate with and protect their onsite workers. Among the most common ways to inform is the installation of signs that convey company policies on new workplace procedures, wayfinding, the news and employee motivation.

The challenge is, these postings must be re-positioned and replaced regularly for sanitation and to adapt to changes in local COVID activity and prevention measures. To meet this new demand, maintenance and safety personnel need to install signs quickly and frequently. VELCRO® Brand Adhesive-Backed Fasteners are the answer to this constant state of changes and updates.

Sign Installation

Versatile, flush mount fasteners for temporary indoor sign installation

Signage is needed to direct and inform employees in hallways, workstations and common areas. This guides employees on how to navigate through the workplace, operate in workstations and collaborate with coworkers all while maintaining social distancing practices. Whether workers are waiting to clock in or eating lunch in the break room, social distancing standards need to be atop their minds.

High touch point areas such as workstations and bathrooms will require even more frequent turnover to keep these areas clean. Maintenance workers need a fastener that can provide ease of installation and enable the regular changes.

The VELCRO® Brand Extra Thin Fastener is a low profile, adhesive-backed hook and loop solution for these indoor environments. When a sign needs to be updated, this fastener won’t require tools and additional labor that can include the risk of injury or damaged materials. The low profile allows signage to mount flush with the substrate for a secure fit.

The Extra Thin Fastener is designed with the industrial workplace in mind. It can withstand common characteristics of manufacturing environments such as temperature fluctuation (adhesive temperature range of -30° to 110° F) and vibration. This is also available in various widths, lengths and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates.

Rugged fasteners for temporary outdoor sign installation

Before entering the building, temperature checkpoints and one-way entrances and exits must be marked so workers are clear on how to come and go safely. New hires need to be just as aware of procedures as veteran workers.

The VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK® Fastener is a hook to hook solution that will hold up against the outdoor elements (temperature range of -40° to 194° F), but also won’t leave a mark on your building or require excess work each time signage needs to be updated. This will save time and effort so the company can focus on other higher priorities during the pandemic.

Constant changes demand fasteners that can adapt to these new needs. Whether signs need to be updated every few weeks or every few hours, the VELCRO® Brand is a trusted name that delivers the solutions required to keep businesses operational.

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