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5 Clever Back to School Hacks for Teachers

The back to school countdown is on!

For teachers all around the country, it’s time to start getting ready for a new school year. And since we know what a busy time that can be, we’ve rounded up five clever back to school hacks that are guaranteed to make every teacher’s first day of school just that little bit easier!

From quick and easy ways to keep the classroom tidy to clever classroom decorating ideas, read on for inspiration!

Back to school hacks that every teacher needs

1. Stick pens to the whiteboard so you don’t lose them

Every teacher knows how annoying it can be when you need to write something on the whiteboard but you can’t find a pen anywhere.

So here’s a simple solution: Stop your whiteboard pens going walkabout by sticking them to the board with these VELCRO® Brand Stick On Squares.

Back to School Hack for Teachers 1

2. Wrap up stationery

Keep your pens and pencils tidy by wrapping up sets of stationery with these VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable Ties.

This easy teacher hack will also save time getting ready for group activities as you can simply hand out a set of pens and pencils to each table!

Back to School Hack for Teachers 2

3. Wrap up wires and cables

Messy cables can easily clutter your classroom – and pose a tripping hazard for children.

Solve this problem by wrapping up loose cables with these VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable Ties. And you’ll never need to worry about messy wires again!

Back to School Hack for Teachers 3

4. Stick names tags to chairs/trays with VELCRO® Brand fasteners

Next up is name tags! And here’s a handy back to school hack for primary school teachers who get a new class every year.

Stick name tags to the backs of chairs, on trays and above coat hooks with these VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coins. That way, when you get a new class, you can easily peel off the old name tags and stick on new ones!

5. Stick up displays with VELCRO® Brand fasteners

A new school year means new displays on the walls! And since most teachers refresh their displays throughout the year to reflect new seasons and projects, we’d recommend sticking them to the wall with VELCRO® Brand Stick On Tape. That way, when you’re ready to put a new display up, you can simply peel the old one off!

Back to School Hack for Teachers 4

And that’s it! We hope these simple back to school hacks have given you some good inspiration for the new school year. Stay on our blog or check out our Instagram feed if you’d like to discover even more clever ways to use VELCRO® Brand fasteners!

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