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How to Clean VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand fasteners provide creative solutions to many of life’s daily problems… But after a while, they can be difficult to keep clean.

Despite their usefulness, they can be magnets for hair, fluff and clothing lint and the more that gets embedded into the fastener, the more difficult they can be to close.

Read on to find out how to clean VELCRO® Brand fasteners in order to keep them gripping most effectively.

Easy ways to clean VELCRO® Brand fasteners

Use a toothbrush

One of the easiest ways to remove fluff from VELCRO® Brand fasteners is to use a toothbrush. The stiff bristles are perfect for brushing out unwanted lint and hair – lay the VELCRO® Brand fasteners flat and brush it with short, hard strokes to loosen anything that’s stuck between the hooks. Then remove any lint that comes loose with your fingers.

Cleaning VELCRO Brand Fasteners with a Toothbrush

Scrape it with the cutter of a tape dispenser

Hang fire before you throw out any old tape dispensers – the cutting edge is perfect for cleaning VELCRO® Brand fasteners! Simply lay it flat and use the cutter of the tape dispenser to rake out any hair or lint that has got stuck. Then remove anything that comes loose with your fingers.

Pick out the fluff with tweezers

If the hair and lint is deeply embedded into the hooks and loops, you’ll need tweezers to get it out. This is a time-consuming but effective way to fix VELCRO® Brand fasteners that have lost their stick.

Cleaning VELCRO Brand with Tweezers

Use strong tape

If there’s a lot of lint to remove, you can remove the bulk of it with some strong tape. Make a loop of tape, put it around your fingers and use it to pull out any lint or hair stuck in your VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

Brush it out with a fine-toothed comb

Got a comb handy? A fine-toothed one is perfect for brushing out unwanted hair. Loosen it with a comb and then pick it out with your fingers.

Cleaning VELCRO Brand Fasteners with Comb

Use another VELCRO® Brand fastener

To remove hair and lint from the hook side of a VELCRO® Brand fastener (i.e. the scratchy side), simply take another hooked piece and rub them together. The clean piece should gather all the unwanted fluff out of the dirty piece.

How to keep VELCRO® Brand fasteners clean

Once you’ve cleaned your VELCRO® Brand fasteners, you’ll want to make sure they stay clean. Here are a couple of easy maintenance tips to help you out.

When not in use, keep it fastened

The easiest way to stop unwanted hair and lint getting stuck in your VELCRO® Brand fasteners is to keep them fastened when they’re not in use. If you leave them unfastened, you’re creating a magnet for hair and fluff!

Keep it fastened in the wash

If your VELCRO® Brand fasteners are attached to clothing, make sure you keep them fastened when they’re in the washing machine or in your laundry basket. This will prevent lint from other clothes sticking to them.

Brush lint out regularly

You’ll never be able to completely prevent hair and lint getting stuck in your VELCRO® Brand fasteners but brushing out fluff regularly can help to reduce a build-up and keep your fasteners working effectively.

We hope these tips help you keep your VELCRO® Brand fasteners clean and working well! Stay on our blog for more tips or explore our range of VELCRO® Brand products here

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