8 Easy Ways to Make a DIY Face Mask

DIY Face Masks

Making a DIY face mask is quick, easy and a great way to ensure that surgical masks are reserved for frontline workers. Here are eight easy ways to make a homemade, no-sew mask fashioned from household items or using common, low-cost materials. DIY Bandana Face Mask A bandana and two hair ties is one of […]

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Essential to the Essentials™

The health of our employees comes first as we help make the products that are essential in the fight against COVID-19. During these challenging times, ensuring the health and safety of Velcro Companies employees is our highest priority. Globally, we have implemented important new regulations at our facilities, including added protective gear, enhanced sanitation protocols […]

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Wardrobe Malfunction? We’ve Got You.

Liz Beacon Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions… We’ve all been there! But fortunately for most of us, not on live TV! BBC Points West host Liz Beacon almost suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on Monday evening when her dress split open moments before going on air. Ms Beacon, 43, was drafted in last-minute to present the evening news and chose […]

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How Are VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Used in Space?

As space exploration became a national priority for the US government in the 1950s and 60s, NASA repeatedly turned to Velcro Companies. Space travel presented a wide range of engineering challenges and VELCRO® Brand fasteners provided a perfect solution against the perils of weightlessness. As a result, Velcro Companies worked closely with NASA during the space race to […]

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Skandals – Revolutionary New Footwear

Skandals Footwear

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We absolutely adore the marvellous things fans of VELCRO® Brand get up to… and the team over at Skandals are launching something special that we think we be a whopper! Today, Skandals have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help bring their innovative footwear to market. You […]

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Uni Room Decor Ideas That Won’t Damage the Walls

Uni Room Decor Ideas That Won't Damage the Walls

Moving into university halls soon? If you’re looking for cheap, Instagrammable ways to decorate your new digs that won’t damage the walls, look no further than these uni room decor ideas! We’ve rounded up our favourite ways to put your own stamp on your uni room and make it a home away from home. And […]

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10 Stylish Instagram Gallery Wall Ideas

Instagram Gallery Wall Ideas

It’s no secret that we love gallery walls – they’re a stylish way to put your own stamp on any room in the house and if you’re also a big fan of Instagram, they’re a brilliant way to show off the pics that would otherwise remain on your phone! So for anyone who fancies creating […]

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Back to School Hacks That Every Parent Needs

Back to School Hacks for Parents

It’s the start of a new school year and we’re here to help you get organised with our best back to school hacks for parents! We know just how busy the first few weeks of school can be – from making sure everyone gets out the door on time to ferrying the kids to their […]

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Easy Classroom Display Idea

Easy Classroom Display Idea 1

A new school year means new classroom displays! And if you’re a teacher looking for inspiration, you’ve landed in the right place. Today we’re going to show you how to make a really easy classroom wall display that doubles up as an interactive attendance register. It’ll look great in your classroom and you could even […]

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5 Clever Back to School Hacks for Teachers

Back to School Hacks

The back to school countdown is on! For teachers all around the country, it’s time to start getting ready for a new school year. And since we know what a busy time that can be, we’ve rounded up five clever back to school hacks that are guaranteed to make every teacher’s first day of school […]

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5 Clever Road Trip Hacks That Everyone Needs

Road Trip Hacks

Before you hit the road on your next adventure, check out this collection of clever road trip hacks! From road trip packing hacks and ways to keep the car tidy to fun ways to keep the kids entertained, these tips will make your next journey so much easier that you won’t want to leave home […]

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What to Take to a Festival + Free Printable Checklist

What to Take to a Festival

Not sure what to take to a festival? Help is at hand! Packing for a festival can be rather a minefield (even for seasoned festival-goers) so we’ve put together a handy guide to everything you need to take. From clothes, food and camping supplies to a couple of handy festival hacks using VELCRO® Brand fasteners, […]

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7 Clever Tips for Camping at a Music Festival

DIY Festival Flag

Getting ready for your first music festival? If you’ve never been camping at a music festival before, it can be quite an overwhelming experience. But never fear! We’ve put together our top festival camping hacks and tips to help you survive your first ever festival experience… And take the ‘roughing it’ out of camping! Our […]

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How to Make a Festival Flag

How to Make a Festival Flag

Heading to a festival this summer? Chances are you’ll know how difficult it can be to find your tent in a sea of other tents so today we’re going to show you how to make an easy festival flag! It’s a great way to make your tent recognisable when you head back late at night […]

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What to Take Camping + Free Printable Checklist

What to Take Camping + Printable Checklist

Trying to decide what to take on your next camping trip? Help is at hand! Avoid a packing nightmare with our handy packing checklist. It’ll make sure you have all the essentials covered and we’re giving it away as a free printable so you can tick off each item as you pack it. From everything you […]

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