Velcro® Brand Acrylic Foam Tapes


SilverTapes are double sided viscoelastic adhesives made with acrylic foams. They provide a permanent high strength bond suitable for multiple surfaces including metals, plastics and glass. SilverTapes are 100% solid acrylic adhesive making them extremely durable. They provide outstanding age and weather resistance. With these unique products we are able to provide solutions to industries ranging from transportation to building construction, electronics and aerospace.

SilverTape provides a strong and long-lasting bond and will allow professionals to bind two surfaces without changing their compositions, eliminating the need for rivets, screws, spot-welds, and liquid coating adhesives. The acrylic SilverTape is available in lengths of 18 or 36 yards and 6 different widths ranging from a quarter of an inch to an inch, to meet the unique needs of manufacturers and professionals.




  • High Surface Energy Material – Metal bonding – stiffener
  • Indoor Glass to metal (sky-walks) – Extremely High Temps
  • LED Applications – Signing Applications
  • General Purpose – Composite Stiffener
  • Glass to Metal – Low Surface Energy
  • Pre-Powder coating (for higher temperatures use High-Temp version)