Ties and Straps

Restore order in your home, on the move and wherever else you end up with our clever range of VELCRO® Brand Straps and Ties. Anyone can get to grips with our faff-free products from quick tricks to keep your gadgets secure through to super strong designs ready for the toughest of excursions or a major house move. We're up for anything!

Carry Strap

Carrying bulky and awkward items is a breeze with this handy strap.


Colour-code wires and cables indoors or outside.

Stretch Straps

Get a good grip on flexible bundles.

All Purpose Straps

Moving and storing your stuff is a breeze with this adjustable design.

Cable Clips

Easy to use multi-clips for most surfaces. Designed for indoor or outdoor use. No tools needed.

Cable Wrap Adhesive Backed

Cable Wraps make it easy to secure and cinch cables, wires and cords.

Wide Strap

An extra sturdy strap to hold tight to your things.

VELCRO® Brand Easy Hang Strap

For instructions on how to use the VELCRO® Brand Easy Hang products click here.