Searching for new ways to make learning fun for your little ones?

Look no further than the simple VELCRO® Brand lollipop stick art project. This resourceful activity is a simple way to keep the kids engaged while encouraging creativity, learning and imagination!



  • Take your lollipop sticks and attach an oval of VELCRO® Brand Super Slim Stick On to each end. Get creative with where you affix the hook and loop ovals, as this will allow your little ones to create a range of fun shapes and pictures.
  • Repeat the action on the desired number of lollipop sticks.
  • Start playing! Create a range of shapes and letters with these reusable learning tools

We love these sticks as they help kids develop visual perception and problem solving skills. They can help enhance letter recognition and formation but most importantly they stimulate the imagination!

Enjoy! Love from,

VELCRO® Brand xx