‘Tis the season for all things new… Santa will be putting his feet up again for another year soon and it’s time to think about spring cleaning and new beginnings.  

That’s why we’re so excited about one of our newest products VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners.

Can you never make up your mind, constantly changing your homes décor, colour theme, or accessories? Are you the proud parent of a mini artist who keeps coming home from school with another masterpiece to display on the wall? Or are you simply one who throws their all into festive occasions, turning your home into a haunted house, or santas grotto? Don’t worry, we can totally relate.

Our latest product innovation means it has never been easier to chop and change those wall decorations, and lucky for you it’s suitable for use in squares, rectangles, curves and corners – perfect for any nook & cranny! Plus, they can also be removed damage-free, so you can change your décor as many times as you like without ruining the paintwork.

Check out VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners in action:

VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners - click to play video

adhesive wall hanger

You can pick them up on Amazon.co.uk.

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