A VELCRO® Brand spice rack you ask, confused and bemused? But yes, that’s what we said.

Trust us. This is the perfect way to organise your yummy spices in such a way that will make your family and friends think that you are a genius chef of some kind.

You will need:

 - Spice jars

 - Adhesive strips - VELCRO Brand® Stick On

 - Labels

 - Marker pen

 - Spices


How to make:

 - First, take your lovely spices and label each one carefully with a marker pen. You can either make small labels to stick on each jar or just write directly onto the jar.

 - Pick the perfect spot in your kitchen to display your spices. A place with easy access to all of your cooking appliances would be best, as you need to be within quick reach of your new rack when cooking up a storm.

 - Next, take each of the lids from your jars and apply one side of the VELCRO Brand® Stick On to the top of the lid.

 - Now apply the opposing side of the adhesive backed fastener to the underside of your kitchen cabinet. Repeat this until you have a straight row of stickers ready to secure your jars too.

 - Finally, fasten your lids and secure the tops to the stick ons. Et voila!

diy spice rack diy spice rackbdiy spice rack

A quick and easy spice rack ready to add a kick to your cuisine.  Bon appetit!