Tis well and truly the season, guys! It can’t be denied, and we’re very excited. Right now you simply can’t step outside, turn on your TV or speak to a single member of the general public without hearing the words ‘merry’ or ‘Christmas’; and truth be told we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Although there are numerous perks to an adult Christmas – time off work, many Sherries, the acquired taste for sprouts that only comes with age and maturity – but Christmas is first and foremost for the kids. And we love that! There’s nothing better than seeing a tiny face light up on Christmas morning, so we’ve come up with a quick little DIY to add some additional cheer into your home this season.

We’re going to be making a felt Christmas tree, complete with adorable fabric fasteners, making the perfect play tree for your little one to customise leading up to the big day.

You will need:

- A large piece of card

- Lots of green felt, plus extra colours for decoration (yellow, red, white, and gold would be a good start!)

VELCRO® Brand Super Slim Stick on

- Scissors

- Felt tip pen

- Glue

How to:

- First of all, cover your cardboard with glue and stick the green felt to one side.

- Next draw a Christmas tree outline on the card with your felt tip pen and carefully cut it out.

- By now you should be able to see your tree taking shape! But no tree is complete without a star on top. Cover some extra card with yellow felt and glue in place, then draw a star shape with your felt tip and cut out. To attach your star use VELCRO® Brand Super Slim Stick On!

- Now it’s time to make some decorations. With any leftover card cut out circles (to make baubles and Christmas puddings), and snowman and candy cane shapes. Decorate with coloured felt as you did with your tree and star, and then attach VELCRO® Brand Super Slim Stick On to the back so that your shapes are ready to be displayed.

- Finally you have everything you need! Just turn design over to your little ones and let them get sticking to create their own Christmas tree.

craft christmas tree tree post 2

craft christmas tree

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Merry Christmas, everyone.