Wedding season is well and truly upon us, and we can’t get enough of the excitement, the gorgeous decorations and the celebrations!

But with so much pressure on one perfect day it can be stressful to keep things running smoothly at all times.

Whether you’re the Maid of Honour, Mother of the Bride or anywhere in between, we’ve put together a foolproof list of must-have day savers to ensure everything goes to plan!

  • White Chalk – The nightmare has come true. The bride has got something on her dress. Is it ketchup? Who brought ketchup? That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’re the clever person armed with white chalk, perfect for covering stains on delicate material. Disaster averted.
  • Blister Treatment – With so much walking, standing and dancing over the course of a very long day, your feet are bound to suffer. Don’t forget to pack blister plasters and shoe cushions and thank yourself later.
  • VELCRO® Brand Stick On For FabricsUnfortunately fashion faux pas are bound to happen on high pressure days like this. Fortunately you have a secret weapon. No needles necessary, just stick and marvel at your own genius.
  • Bobby Pins – The most elusive yet necessary hair accessory of all, for those moments when hairspray just won’t do.
  • Painkillers – All that champagne can be dangerous!

And finally, don’t forget to take a camera to capture all of those amazing memories.