You know us; we’re obsessed with making life run smoothly for you. Not to mention crazy about getting crafty as often as possible!

We’re always so impressed with the super clever ways you use our products to improve the everyday, which is why we reward the creativity of our fans on Facebook with The Everyday Fix.

If a VELCRO® Brand product has ever got you out of a sticky situation (pun definitely intended), share your clever tips to our Facebook page and you could win a £20 Hobbycraft gift card.

Here are some more of our favourite Everyday Fixes. If you have any to add, share them to our Facebook page here!

- Sue Halliday secures her grandson’s cloth nappies with VELCRO® Brand products. Such an innovation compared to using a big pin!

- Gail Lewis uses VELCRO® Brand on the curtains in her caravan

- Zoe Drugan used VELCRO® Brand to secure see-through plastic carpet covers at door entrances, no more slipping and no more grubby carpets!

- Lynn Myers uses VELCRO® Brand everyday. She has a large notice board covered in felt in her work place and attaches photos to the felt board to see where everyone is during the day. This is a great communication aid in the job she does as a support worker

- Jennie Hale uses VELCRO® Brand to keep the baby's rain cover on the buggy!

- Jackie Davis’ husband uses VELCRO® Brand daily. His Sat Nav is secured to the dash board with VELCRO® Brand, which means it’s easy to remove each time he gets out of the car

Thanks to everyone who shared their clever Everyday Fixes with us! Keep them coming and you could get your hands on that £20 Hobbycraft voucher.