Here at VELCRO®, we’re devoted to making life as easy as possible for you and to making your creative ideas a reality!

We’re endlessly impressed with the ingenious ways you use our products to make life that little bit easier each day, which is why we love to reward your creativity with The Everyday Fix.

Has a VELCRO® Brand product ever got you out of a sticky situation? All you have to do is share your clever tricks and tips to our Facebook page and you could win a £20 Hobbycraft gift card (so you can get creating even more fab Everyday Fixes).

Here are some of our favourite Everyday Fixes so far; let them inspire you and share your own on our Facebook page here!

  • Zara Louise Mead always sews a strip of VELCRO® Brand Stick On onto the inside of her large tote bags, so she knows everything inside is a bit safer!
  • Tina Gillett uses VELCRO® Brand products to extend the straps on her shoes.
  • Rachel Parham uses VELCRO® Brand Stick On to attach removable felt pictures on a felt board for children's storytelling – how sweet!
  • Grace Bonella uses different colours of VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap Reusable Ties to keep her television wires tidy.
  • Maureen Head makes handles for suitcases so you can recognise them at the airport, and then uses VELCRO® Brand products to fasten them around the handle. So clever!
  • Diana Perry stuck VELCRO® Brand Stick On to her remote controls to save her having to rummage everywhere for them. We love this clever little time saver.
  • Ian Pick always keeps VELCRO® Brand products handy; the last time he used it was to help his granddaughter fix a skirt for one of her dolls.
  • Dee Anne Partridge uses VELCRO® Brand Sew & Stick to keep a net fly curtain up in her greenhouse, to keep the bugs out and let her in!

Thanks to everyone who shared their clever Everyday Fixes with us! Keep them coming and you could get your hands on that £20 Hobbycraft voucher.