The summer holidays are here but how do you keep the kids occupied for six whole weeks on a budget? We’ve collected all the best tips to lend a helping hand making sure your kids are entertained for the rest of the holidays.

Build a fort.

Take shelter from the predictable British summer by helping your children to build a fort! Use old blankets and sheets propped up with chairs. Make it comfortable and fit for your little ones with cushions and bean bags. Once it’s up, give them a torch and encouraging them act out their favourite film or story – it’ll keep them occupied for hours. 

Strawberry picking

Check where your nearest picking farm is on and take the kids along to pick some delicious berries. The perfect recipe to enjoy a delightful fruit salad when you return home.                            

Go on a picnic. 

Turn the laborious task of making lunches and organising the family for a picnic on its head - have your little ones make their own picnic and give them the responsibility to find a green area to enjoy it in. Let their imaginations run free with creating any sandwich of their choice. Assist them in any cutting and packing using VELCRO Brand® Adjustable Carry Straps to transport your feast to the surprise destination. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the spread they’ve created.

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Garden camping

A fun activity for kids and you don’t even have to venture far from your house! Get the kids outside and encourage them to set up camp on their own -  from erecting the tent to furnishing with airbeds – you can watch them from the comfort of your sofa.

Kids film club

Check your local cinema for cheap kid’s cinema listings. You can usually view recent children’s films for a couple of pounds!

Organise a treasure hunt. 

Make a treasure map for the kids and hide some of their favourite sweets around the house Add a personal touch by using some individual moments as clues, for example ‘Where you lost your first tooth’ so you can reminisce about those special childhood memories. The kids will love pondering over their early memories and searching for their favourite things throughout the house. 

Summer reading challenge

Make the most of local library with free activities including The Summer Reading Challenge which takes place every year during the summer holidays. The aim of the game is to read six library books of your choice in order to complete the Challenge, collecting rewards along the way.


summer holiday reading