Summer is in full swing and we’re making the most of it, which is why we’re packing our bags for a camping holiday!

Holidays should never be a hassle, so we’ve put together a couple of camping hacks to make sure your trip is as relaxing as possible

 - Secure camping essentials - such as your sleeping bag and tent - with a sturdy VELCRO® Brand Adjustable Wide Strap for a strong hold and easy access

 - Throw some fresh and fragrant sage to your campfire to repel mosquitoes and other bugs

 - Attach a torch to a jug of water with a VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP Reusable Tie to create a homemade lantern that will fill your tent with ambient lighting!

 - Save space in your cooler by freezing liquid foodstuffs to keep your food cold instead of packing ice

With these smart fixes up your sleeve, you’re sure to be a very happy camper.

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