Decorate your garden with summer - Summer is our favourite season for a reason; the natural beauty at every turn. Pick your favourite flowers and hang them in prime spots around garden furniture, or guide vines along fences to create a striking yet natural effect.

Reinvent garden furniture - Even with just an hour to spare, tired garden furniture can be easily spruced-up before your first guest arrives. Take the inside out by scattering comfortable cushions over chairs, or throw a bright tablecloth over a bench or table to introduce colour to your garden in an instant.

Set the scene with scent - The smell of fresh cut grass or fragrant summer herbs might be all you need to set the perfect summer scene in your garden. Carefully tying fresh basil, thyme or parsley to the back of chairs can create strong summertime aromas that will fill the air all evening.

Create atmosphere with lighting - Once the sun has gone down it is up to you to offer your own atmospheric summer lighting. Tealights can be an inexpensive and simple choice, spread out across tables or on walls for a warm glow. Delicate fairy lights or lanterns may be the perfect solution, secured to fences or even trees, giving an enchanted summer garden ambience.

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