We’re sew over sewing… Get it? Gone are the days when being heavy handed and hopeless with a needle and thread meant you couldn’t create an amazing customised outfit or home accessory. Introducing VELCRO® Brand for Fabrics.

Whether you’re a super stitcher or a needlework novice, we’ve got the products to help you take your creations to the next level.

Sew & Stick Tape

Our VELCRO® Brand Sew & Stick attaches fabric to non-fabric surfaces, so your home projects can be as creative as you are! One of our favourite Sew & Stick fixes is to attach curtains or blinds above walls for easy removal. Try it yourself. 

sew and stick tape

Sew On

Say bye-bye to buttons and so long to annoying broken zips, here comes VELCRO® Brand Sew On Tape! This is the quick and easy way to create a fastening on anything from coats or shoes, to cushion cases or handbags.  And don’t worry if you’re no good with a needle! We also have a totally no-sew version to make things that bit quicker and easier.

sew on velcro

Stick On For Fabrics

Looking for a quick wardrobe upgrade? We’ve got just the thing. Simple stick. No needles, no thread, no iron, no mess! Just think of the amazing creations you can dream up with this bad boy.

velcro for fabrics

If you’re looking for any other these super stickies, try your local John Lewis, Homebase, Hobbycraft or Tesco. And don’t forget to share your creations with us on Facebook here!

Now go on, release your inner Gucci! #EverydayFix