When you’re doing it yourself, there are no rules. Leave your traditional visions of hanging baskets at the door, please!

Use whatever you have around your home as a starting point in this DIY; wicker storage boxes of all shapes make interesting and attractive baskets. Make sure your baskets are big enough to hold plants, but not so big that they’ll be too heavy to hang.

You’ll also need a generous length of polyester rope, one or two small bags of potting soil, and of course some plants. Choose herbs and flowers that require the same amount of sun, and be sure not to overcrowd the basket.

This is a no nails method, so make sure you have some VELCRO® One-Wrap Reusable Ties on hand.


1. First things first, arrange your plants in your basket to make sure they fit properly. Herbs need more space than flowers, so spread them out to give them the room they need.  

2. Once you’ve decided where you intend to hang your basket, cut a length of rope so that it will reach down from the hanging point, under your basket width ways and up to the hanging point again. Do this on both sides of your basket so you have two equal lengths.

3. Thread one end of your rope through the front corner of your basket and tie into a double-knot, then pull it towards the opposite corner of basket and tie another knot. Thread the rope back up through the basket and up to the hanging point. Repeat on the other side of your basket.

4. Place your plants inside your basket to make sure they're in the arrangement you want. Once you are set on your display, take your plants out of their pots and re-plant them in your basket with potting soil.  

5. Finally, tie your four lengths of thread together where they meet in a strong knot. Use your VELCRO® One-Wrap Reusable Ties to hang the basket wherever you like.

Whether you hang your basket inside or out, in a huge blooming garden or a humble patio, this is a great way to reclaim some space and bring summer into your home.