Now as you probably know, we’re always busy helping you to be as organised, coordinated and in-check as possible. But we’re also super fun! We promise, look, we’ll prove it to you.

Get ready to take to the great outdoors to kick off the longest awaited sporting event of summer… The VELCRO® Brand games! We’re giving you an incredibly easy ‘how-to’ so you can get both crafty and active outdoors with a silly, fun, homemade game for the whole family.

Before you get red faced and giddy in the garden, you’ll need some crafty supplies. For this how-to you’ll need enough fabric to wrap over your hand like a glove (intriguing, eh), a few balls or beanbags (felt, fleece or any knit material is fine) and some VELCRO® Brand Sew Tape, which you can buy here

craft games

If you haven’t guessed it by now, we’ll be making a sticky catching mitt! So to begin, fold your fabric over your hand and shape it to size. It doesn’t matter how your glove ends up looking (whether it’s a beautifully formed mitten or an uneven square) as long as your hand fits in it.

When you have your shape worked out, close the sides with our VELCRO® Brand Sew Tape to form the glove.

Next take your VELCRO® Brand Sew Tape and cover as much of the palm of your glove as possible.

If you want to make your glove beautiful as well as an instrument of fun and joy, you can tidy the edges by adding a backing piece of fabric to overlap where the VELCRO® ends.

And there you have it! It’s that simple. All you need to do now is grab your tennis balls and your friends for fun and games.

You can even repeat these steps to create a whole team of sticky catching mitts for endless fun outdoors! You’re welcome.