Looking to inspire more creativity in your little ones? Try making your own paintbrushes and allow them to explore a variety of textures and effects that will make their art even more unique!

You will need:

- Sheet of thin craft foam, cardboard or a thin kitchen sponge wipe (approx. 0.5cm thick)

- A pencil

        - VELCRO Brand® ONE-WRAP® Ties 



-   First take your cardboard, sponge wipe or craft foam and fold in half. All along the folded edge, make cuts a few centimetres deep, ensuring you don’t cut all the way down to the non-folded edge. This will give you a fringe effect along the top of the sponge wipe.

-   Next, take your sponge/cardboard/foam keeping it folded and lay on a flat surface with the fringed edge facing away from you.

-   Now to create your handle, place the top half of your pencil on the sponge, aligned with the left edge of the sponge. Roll the pencil in the sponge, so the fringed edges are now sticking up like the top of a paintbrush and your pencil is the handle.

-   To secure the sponge in place, take a VELCRO Brand® ONE-WRAP® Tie and wrap tightly around the top of the pencil where it is covered by the sponge/cardboard/foam. 

-   So there you have it, a simple paintbrush you can make at home.

Why not experiment with a range of brush materials to create new textures – try using twine, strips of felt, feathers, or pipe cleaners!