Wherever you go, leave total organisation in your wake with VELCRO® Brand Straps and Ties up your sleeve.

Now, we don’t like to play favourites with our products. However, sometimes exceptions must be made. Take a look at the many ways VELCRO® Brand Straps and Ties can secure, strap and sort your life into complete, satisfying organisation, and then decide for yourself.

VELCRO® Brand Cable Wraps – These clever little wraps take tidying your office space to a whole new level. Simply stick unsightly wires out of sight for a workspace so stress-free, you won’t be able to stop the creative ideas rolling in.

cable wraps cable wraps

VELCRO® Brand Adjustable Carry Strap – Whether you’re moving house or camping, these super strong carry straps are a must. Never again will you be beaten by your misshapen tent or bulky boxes! These guys can handle up to 5KG, so just strap in and carry with ease.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties – We’ve all been there. The TV isn’t working, so you send someone into the depths of messy wires only for them to pull the wrong one and send everything into total blackout. Well we say ‘never again’. Tidy and identify your cables with these savvy ties instead.

And there you have it: organisation perfected. You’re welcome :)