Without trying to jinx anything, we’re going to put it out there and say British summer time has arrived.

Cue torrential rainfall….

To help you enjoy the outdoors while you still can, we’ve come up with a super simple DIY game.

Tag with VELCRO® Brand

You will need:

 - VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics

 - Fabric in any two colours

 - Old t-shirts (at least two)

This DIY is so simple; you only need three things to make it!


 1. Begin by cutting an equal number of strips in each colour of fabric. Make sure they are all roughly the same shape and size.

 2. Next use VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics to attach the strips to an old t-shirt. Only use one colour per t-shirt, and you make sure you attached an equal number to each.

 3. That’s all there is too it! We told you it was super simple…

How to play:

Welcome to VELCRO® Brand tag!

The colours you have chosen for your fabric will be your team colours. As long as you have an even number in each team, you can make as many t-shirts and invite as many players as you like.

Set your teams loose with the aim of collecting as many of the opposite teams coloured strips as they can.  

The winning team will be the first team to take all of their rival’s colours, or have the most strips at the end of the game.

Now get out in the sunshine & enjoy!