Personally, we think every use of VELCRO® Brand is fun and games. But apparently children don’t seem too entertained by making their own cushion covers or sprucing up the garden – can you imagine! It makes no sense to us either…

But luckily we’ve found one craft that is 100% child approved and indisputably fun. Plus it’s very easy to incorporate into learning games, so the little ones can enjoy the games while remaining blissfully oblivious to all of the sneaky educating going on.

So what is this magical DIY, you ask? Why it’s a VELCRO® Brand Bullseye!

You will need:

  • Different coloured felt
  • Scissors
  • Different sized cups and bowls to trace circles around
  • Marker pen
  • Small balls such as Ping-Pong balls
  • String or ribbon
  • VELCRO® Brand Sew & Stick, which you can buy here


  1. Begin by taking your Ping-Pong balls and covering them with small sections of VELCRO® Brand Sew & Stick.
  2. Time to make our Bullseye! Trace different sized circles out of felt by placing different sized bowls on the felt as a guide to mark around. Then simply cut the shapes with scissors.
  3. Now you can apply VELCRO® Brand Sew & Stick to the back of each circle, aside from the largest one. Once you have secured each circle in place, cut out a decorative star and place it in the centre.
  4. Also cut out felt numbers from 1 – 10 and attach them to the game board.
  5. Turn the game board around and secure a tag to it by cutting two small holes and threading either ribbon or string through, securing with two small knots. This is how you will hang your Bullseye to play with it!

classroom games classroom games classroom games

How to use:

So now you have your magnificent Bullseye, you’re probably wondering how on earth you can introduce it into class time without having your pupils think you’ve gone completely bonkers?

Well, this is the fun part. Ask your pupils to take turns throwing your VELCRO® Brand Ping-Pong balls at the board, and work through times-tables or correspond each number to a quiz question. Et voila! Fun learning for all… (they’ll never suspect a thing!)