These bright and colourful paper trees hide a secret inside - Make them to use as table settings for the big day and then when the meal is over ask your guests to lift the tree top to reveal some extra little Christmas goodies!  

Although the trees are made of paper they will last for years as instead of glue we’ve used VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coins - this means that come the end of yuletide you can simply dismantle the trees and store flat somewhere safe until next year. 

You will need: 

Download and print out the templates - ideally you will print them out on A3 paper but if that’s not possible you should be able to tile the pages as you print. Alternatively print out at50% to fit onto A4 paper and make mini trees. Cut all the templates out.

Velcro creation christmas

Next draw around each template, each one on a different coloured paper.

Velcro christmas

Cut out all the pieces.

christmas diy

Apply glue to the back of the third tree tier, then place on top of the tree base so the top and the sides line up.

diy christmas

Take two sets of the VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coins and join the hook and the loop together.  Stick the Coins onto the tree base along one of the short sides.

velcro diy christmas

Curl the tree base until one edge overlaps the other edge with the Coins on.

velcro craft

Then press the paper onto the Coins to secure.

velcro christmas tree

Take the second tier of tree and stick three Coins along one straight edge.

christmas velcro

Then roll into a cone shape overlapping the discs and press down to secure.

christmas tree decoration

Repeat with the third tier.

christmas velcro creation

Place tier 1 on top of tier 2 and add a name tag. When you have made all your trees place them on your dining table and then fill the tree base with treats, small gifts, party hats and other fun bits and bobs.

Put the top of the tree in place and wait for your guests to find the surprise!

velcro craft tree

When the fun is over, dismantle your trees and keep in a safe place for next year.

craft velcro creation

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