Moving away from the comfort of home doesn’t mean you have to be subjected to dark and dank conditions. Okay, money may be a little tight, but there are plenty of ways to brighten up your room if you just start thinking outside the box. Follow these tips below, and you’ll be the talk on campus- for all the right reasons!

Create a statement frame wall

Being away from your loved ones can be a little lonely sometimes, so cheer yourself up with a daily reminder of them on the walls of your room. Pop your favourite pictures of friends, family and pets onto a USB stick and get them printed. Now it’s time to raid your closest pound or charity shops for frames. They don’t need to be matching, in fact a mismatch will add to this eclectic look. With the help of VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners you can display the frames on the wall of your accommodation without the risk of getting in trouble with your landlord, as they can be removed without leaving any damage. Perfect!

students decorating

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are by no means just for Christmas and can add a very pretty element to bare student digs. Nab a couple of boxes in the post- Christmas sales or ‘borrow’ them from Mum and Dad’s house until the festive season returns next year. Get your hands on some VELCRO® Brand Cable Clips and attach a few clips over a window or mantelpiece. Then simply feed the lights through the hooks to create the perfect atmosphere in your room.  

Velcro wall fasteners

Jars For Storage

As most student accommodation is cosy, to say the least, it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to storage. Start collecting used jars wherever you can and ask your pals to do so too until you have a good collection going. These will be a charming way to store your dry foods on the counter and maximise cupboard space! Not to mention that you’re doing your part for the earth by recycling. Use VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coins to label what is in each receptacle.

Velcro stick on coins

Inject Some Colour with Some Eye-Catching Fabric

Add some colour and a little extra privacy to your space by covering over the doorway to your room with some eye-catching fabric. Measure the width and height of your doorway and head down to your local haberdashery to see what is on offer. You shouldn’t need more than 3 metres of fabric, and don’t forget to ask if they offer a student discount. Using VELCRO® Brand Sew & Stick Tape, you can hand- or machine-sew the loop tape to the top of the fabric and then attach the sticky side to the surface of the door frame. A very simple way of sprucing up your home.

velcro stick tape