Say hello to your new Christmas Tradition! This beautiful Advent Calendar is hand-sewn in felt and is something you and your family will want to bring out year after year. Thanks to the flexibility of the VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics you can create a different festive scene each season. There are download templates for all the characters and step by step instructions for you to follow. If time is tight and December 1st is looming close no problem instructions are available to make this calendar from card. We have provided fully coloured characters so you can simply print and cut them out.

To make the Felt Advent Calendar

For the characters you will need: 

  • •                Various colours of felt - shades of green, cream, red, brown, orange, blue,
                    pink, lilac, purple, (try Hobbycraft for a good selection
  • •                matching embroidery threads
  • •                an assortment of small beads
  • •                sequins and ribbons
  • •                scissors
  • •                embroidery needle
  • •                toy stuffing (again Hobbycraft
  • •                Bondaweb, 
  • •                VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics
  • •                Plain templates

Begin by printing out all the plain templates and cutting out each felt character and its accessories. 

We have shown how to make a tree and a polar bear but all the characters are made in a similar way.


Use the templates to cut out the relevant pieces in the correct colours.

advent calendar velcro tree

Take one piece of the tree and embroider with decorative stitches or sew on beads and sequins.

advent calendar velcro

Pin the front and back pieces of the tree together along with the trunk. Sew around them using a blanket stitch.

advent calendar tree creation

When you reach the truck sew the front and back pieces together but leave a hole between the tree and the truck to allow for stuffing 

Stuff with a small bit of toy stuffing, then sew closed.

advent calendar creation

If you want to add a garland wrap the tree in a piece of decorative string or ribbon and sew in place.

christmas tree velcro creation


Use the templates to cut out the relevant pieces in the correct colours.

velcro advent creationsadvent creations craft

Place the dungarees onto one piece of the polar bear. Use a split stitch to embroider the details on the dungarees (joining the dungarees to the bear front in the process.

velcro creations

Embroider the eyes using a French Knot and the nose using small straight stitches.

velcro craft creation

Use a matching embroidery thread and blanket stitch the front and the back of the bear together.

christmas craft

Leave the bottom of the bear open and fill with a little toy stuffing.

christmas advent craft

Sew the bear closed.

velcro craft

Make all the felt characters using the photographs and the coloured templates for guidance in decoration and colour.  

To the back of each character stick a VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics Oval.

velcro christmas

To make the extra trees and stars for the background iron some Bondaweb onto the back of some felt and then use the templates to cut the trees and stars out (follow the Bondawebs instructions if you haven’t used it before.) Peel off the backing layer of paper and then embroider or add sequins as you see fit. 


You will need:  For the background 1 rectangle measuring 47 x 75cm of medium weight fabric such as Calico or linen. 1 rectangle measuring 47 x 60cm of white fabric such as flannel or a soft cotton. two rectangles measuring 47 X 30 cm of grey cotton and blue cotton. 

For the pockets 3 strips of patterned cotton measuring 47 x 10cm.  1-24 stick on numbers white and grey cottons, scissors, sewing machine.

Place the small blue rectangle right side up on a flat surface. From the small grey rectangle of fabric cut a mountain scape. Also cut a mountain scape across the top of the white fabric. Place both of these on top of the small blue rectangle so the total size of the rectangle is 47 x 75cm. Pin all the fabrics together.

christmas craft advent calendar

Using the Appliqué stitch on your machine (or a small zig zag) sew the grey and white mountains to the blue fabric.

christmas advent craft

Lay the calico rectangle right side up on a flat surface and then carefully lay the mountain scape rectangle on top of it right side down. Pin together all round the edges and then machine sew. Leave a 20 cm turning hole in the bottom edge.

Turn the fabric right side out and press. To join the front and back rectangles together further use a straight stitch to sew more mountains down the rest of the rectangle (this helps hold the layers of fabric together and stops them bagging later.)

christmas craft

To make the pockets take your three rectangles and fold and press a 1cm top and bottom hem on each, also fold in the two sides and press a hem. To get the right width for the pockets measure them against your background rectangle and fold accordingly.

craft christmas

Machine sew along each rectangles top edge. 

Place the first rectangle on the background so the top edge lies 21cm up from the bottom. 

craft velcro

Pin in place and then machine sew to the background along the bottom edge. 

Lay the middle rectangle on top of the first so it overlaps by about 1cm, pin and sew as before. Finally repeat with the third rectangle. 

Sew the three rectangles to the background along their short sides.

craft advent calendar

Turn the background over.  Measure 21cm up from the bottom edge and draw a straight line widthways. Divide the width by 8 and draw 6 parallel lines to mark the edges of each pocket.

christmas advent

Machine sew along these lines. 

Turn the calendar over and iron the extra trees and stars onto the background wherever you fancy. 

Take the remaining VELCRO® Brand Stick on for Fabrics Ovals and carefully cut each one into two smaller circles,

velco advent

Use these circles stick in random places all over the background to represent snow.

velco calendar

Fix the iron on numbers onto the pockets. 

advent calendar

Then place a character in each pocket. 


To make the card version simply print out all the coloured characters onto a medium weight card. Cut each one out and use a VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coin on the back of each. 

Make the background by replacing the fabric with card. Use a rectangle of thick card measuring 44 x 74cm for the background and cut out some mountains from white and sky from blue. Glue in place. 

To make the pockets cut three rectangles of card 44 x 7cm wide and fix them to the background using double sided tape or glue. 

Use VELCRO® Brand Stick On Coins and stick all over the background for the snow. 

To hang the card version of the calendar on the wall use VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners.

TOP TIP. If you don’t have time to make all the characters for the Advent Calendar they also make great tree decorations - simply print out the templates twice the size and follow the instructions as before.