Football… It’s a game of two halves. If that’s the extent of your football knowledge, we’ve got the craft for you. Because here at VELCRO® Brand we don’t believe that enjoying the Euros should be left to the die-hard supporters.

So what if you don’t know the offside rule! You should still be able to join in the parties, the celebrations and the commiserations in equal measure. To get festive without getting serious, just follow the simple steps below….

  1. Have yourself a Google search for a badge or flag of your choice. Maybe you’re supporting a few teams – your home country, plus any you pulled in your work sweepstakes – that’s fine! Buy a few. Spread your good vibes.
  2. Take some  VELCRO® Brand Stick On For Fabrics and secure one of your chosen badges to whatever clothing you’re wearing. This is a cheap and cool alternative to buying a pricey sports shirt.
  3. Support this team until they are ultimately defeated… Then simply interchange badges and flags until you have a winner. Celebrate accordingly.

Happy Euros, from VELCRO® Brand!